About Me


My name is Nicole and I’m a rising freshman attending Hong Kong International School with a passion for MUN (Model United Nations) and current events. I am a TCK (third culture kid), and my perspective of the world is majorly changed because of this. Being raised in three different places, I have never stayed in one area for more than a few years, meaning that I am constantly pushed to adapt to new surroundings and people. This is strikingly similar to our world, in which everything is always changing.

I was born in Hong Kong but at the tender age of four, my family and I moved to Shanghai. Being so young and oblivious to the world at the time, along with the existence of the Great Firewall, I was completely shielded from the outside world – that meant no YouTube, much to my parents’ relief. So while other kids around the world would be searching for the latest trends on Facebook and Twitter, I would be sitting in my room playing with dolls and occasionally peering over my dad’s shoulder to catch a glimpse of his newspaper.

Moving back to Hong Kong, I had trouble having to fit into a place I knew relatively little about. As I matured and grew older, my exposure to the political and outside world began to widen. I found that this world indeed stretched far beyond the community in Shanghai. There was famine. Death. Hunger. Wars. But there was also hope. Discoveries. Courage. Defiance. And somehow, I knew that I wanted to know more.

But the real journey began when only a year later, my family once again picked up and traveled to Taipei, just in time for me to start my middle school journey at TAS. I spent the first year trying everything, experimenting with new clubs and teams, trying to explore my interests. In seventh grade, I decided to give the school’s annual MUN conference, TASMUN, a chance.

Needless to say, I loved it. And I was completely immersed in MUN, browsing through BBC and CNN every night, wanting to know more about what was happening in the world.

Now, I am currently resided in Hong Kong, attending Hong Kong International School, to continue on my journey of self-exploration.

My thirst for new knowledge and explanations – the “why” in everything that is happening, ever since the start of history – has led me to create this blog. Laptop and ideas in hand, I aim to expand on current events – especially those happening in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and show them from a new perspective through changing mine – and hopefully, yours as well.

(Apart from the world of politics and international issues, I’m also interested in drama, photography, music (specifically singing), and have recently picked up the hobby of bullet journaling.)

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